Dr. Anna Parks, LMHC

“Difficulties can arise as a normal reaction to an abnormal situation. I work with my clients to develop a collaborative relationship in which the therapeutic space is one of thought and reflection.”

Psychological Resident

It is my intention to be a neutral third party with whom a client can express themselves free of judgment, reflect on their own thoughts and experiences, and find their own direction. I strive to understand the person before me from their own perspective based on their unique values, cultural beliefs, and daily stresses and concerns. I believe someone’s difficulties are not always due to abnormal psychopathology, but can arise as a normal reaction to an abnormal situation.

My particular interest is in working on issues of interpersonal relationships, sexual difficulties, and sexual identity. However, I have experience working with clients struggling with a wide range of issues – such as dealing with difficult living situations, a history of or current trauma and abuse, co-occurring disorders, issues with romantic and familial relationships, and depression and anxiety.

I received my MA in Counseling in 2013, and my Doctorate in Education and Counseling in 2016, both from Argosy University in Seattle. I began working with C-STARS as a resident in early 2016. Throughout my career I have worked in community mental health and in private practice with a wide range of clients differing in age, sexual orientation, gender orientation, and cultural heritage. In addition to individual therapeutic work, I have experience working with the homeless and transitional housing population of Seattle, as well as with children and adolescents in in-patient psychiatric care.

My interests outside of work include evolutionary and environmental biology, trying different types of chai tea, spending time with my husband and daughter, consuming all the science fiction and fantasy audiobooks the library I can find, and exploring the multitude of shows that Netflix, Hulu, and HBO have to offer.