Group Counseling

At C-STARS, we offer two weekly therapeutic groups:

Information for each group is below. If you are interested in attending one of our groups, please contact our office to discuss attendance recommendations and cost.

For more information on group therapy in general.

Relapse Prevention — Phase II Substance Use Recovery Group

This group is designed for adolescents and adults who are currently striving for abstinence based recovery or loved ones of people who have struggled with chemical and substance use. The focus of this group is to develop interpersonal relationship skills beneficial to more comfortable and stable recovery and relationships. Most group sessions spend limited time discussing drinking and drug use, instead utilizing the 12-Step model, but clients choose their own personal support and relationship rebuilding path. Dr. David Moore and Melissa Byrd, LMHC lead this group.

Women’s Recovery Program

This group is designed for women who have experienced sexual victimization, particularly age 21 and younger. We utilize a Prolonged Exposure Narrative Therapy (PENT) model for our Women’s Recovery Program — one of the few evidence-based treatment programs or PTSD by The American Psychological Association and the Internation Society for Traumatic Stress Studies. Our program is designed to resolve confusion and lack of knowledge about the developmental years of a person’s life as well as a plan for healthy developmental growth in their years after joining the program. The PENT model addresses a comprehensive resolution of the traumatic sexual events and parts of their life impacted by their sexual victimization.

Enrollment in the Women’s Recovery Program begins by contacting the office (by phone or email) — interested clients will complete an intake and diagnostic evaluation by Dr. David Moore and will explore enrollment in group directly with Dr. Moore.

Cost: Group is covered by most insurance plans or $30 out of pocket for out of network and private pay members.